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The SL 408 Outdoor High Lifter is designed for installations that require additional
reach and lifting height.
The lift easily reaches across basement shafts or flower beds. Wide tyres make
the lift suitable for difficult off-road jobs. The tires are poly-filled puncture proof.
This is our most popular model that has all the features needed for the majority of
window installations.


 Available in all colors

Lifting cap. arm in/out 380 kg/100 kg 
Lifting height 3,250 mm
Extension of arm 600 + 600 mm
Tip from horizontal 45° back / 90° fwd.
Side shift 100 mm
Charging voltage 230 V / 110V
Charging time Approx. 8 hrs.
Battery 2 x 105 Ah
Running period Up to 10 hrs.
Front wheel drive 1200 W AC
Suction pads 4 x Ø 300mm
Curb weight 680 kg
Class IP 65