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INSTANT Span 400

Span 400 is a lightweight, fast and easy to assemble tower system with a rung spacing of 400 mm. With fewer components to stock or lose, this versatile ladder frame tower can be used to construct simple free standing mobile towers or more complex staging systems with a host of accessories. The new Z-configuration bracing enables quick, trouble free assembly while providing a very rigid structure.

Key Features:

  • All vertical frames can be used with leg adjustment and wheel/footplate
  • Platformplate in 10 mm water- and slidproof plywood on solid aluminum squares
  • Rib-Grip® contractions
  • Base section in loose or contractable parts (VX)
  • Low weight, easy assemble/disassemble with no use of tools
  • Great flexibility when e.g. mounted in stairwell, auditoriums, cinemas and theatres, etc.
  • 10 year warranty
Key Data  
Load class 3
Max. load 200 kg/m2
Max. per scaffold 700 kg
Max. working height free-standing 14 m
Max. working height rooted 30 m
Width 0.74 m / 1.37 m
Length 1.29 m / 2.0 m / 2.5 m / 3.0 m