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Sumner's plaster board / HVAC lift combines a wide range of opportunities in use with maximum safety of operation. The lift has no pinch points, no free fall, no spinning wheels and no exposed parts - drastically reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. The plasterboard lift has a lifting height of 3.5 m and can be delivered with special equipment for lifting fluorescent tubes/air condition components.


Standard Features

  •   Two speed winch handle
  •  Quick, tool-free assembly
  •  Solid, safe construction (CE)
  •  One person operation
  •  Tilts 65°



  •   Special equipment for loading fluorescent tubes / aircondition elements
  •  Lifting truck for plasterboards 
Load Capacity 70 kg
Load Height (min) 86 cm
Load Height (max) 3.5 m
Lift Weight 45 kg
Drywall Dimensions 1.2 m x 3.7 m
Load Cable 32 mm
Base Height 18 cm
Base Footprint (open) 1.4 m x 1.4 m x 1.3 m
Casters 10 cm
Number of Cables 2