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Heavy lifting is a frequent cause of bad backs and aching muscles and joints. Ergomover solves the problem of transporting, for example drywall and other construction material. The powerful 24V. transaxle ensures that all transport of materials can be done easily and without manual strain simply by pressing the buttons on the ergonomic control handle. The large battery capacity means that operators easily can work a full day before the machine needs to be charged via the integrated charger. ErgoMover can be delivered with a wide selection of accessories, which make the machine ideal for transporting cans, drums, tubes or plates. ErgoMover is also available with practical turntable. Available as a transport trolley without any hydraulic functions for applications that only requires transport or materials. As additional functions it can be equipped with hydraulic lifting system, making it possible to set of loads of e.g. dry wall elements on trestles.


Capacity 1.500 Kg
Max. speed 6 Km/h
Wheel drive 24V
Batteries 2 x 95 A
Length (excl./incl. handle) 1,7 / 2,61 m
Width 0,69 m
Height 0,575 – 0,725 m
Weight 250 Kg