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Standard Features:

  • Proportional controls for lift and drive functions.
  • Automatic 25Amp Battery charger.
  • Automatic stop protection when platform lowering down.
  • Manual Emergency platform lowering valve if no power.
  • Emergency stop on platform and ground controls.
  • Safety warning signal and light when the lift is operating
  • Tilt sensor with the alarm.
  • AC - line from the chassis to the platform.
  • Hour meter
  • Lifting points & Forklift pockets
  • Diagnostic system
Model MX1930
 Working height about (m)  7.8
Platform height max (m) 5.8
Platform outreach(m) 0.9
Lifting capacity (kg) 230
Lifting capacity on platform extension max.(kg) 115
Weight (kg) 1540
Platform size (m) (L×W×H) 1.64×0.75×1.1
The length of the platform extended (m) 2.54
Stowed size (m) (L×W) 1.85×0.77
Stowed height (m) 2.13
Stowed height with folded guardrails (m) 1.78
Wheelbase (m) 1.32
Gradeability 30%
Ground clearance when  pothole protection off/on (m) 0.06/0.02
Permited number of people on the platform max. 2
Turning radius inside / outside (m) 0.0/1.56
Speed, high / low (km/h) 3.8/0.7
Vertical tilt° 2
Lateral tilt°  1.5
Power source (Battery V/Ah) 24/225
Non marketing tyres size(mm) 356x114x254

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