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Scaffolding  course 2-5 m in accordance with the requirements of the regulation on the execution of work, use of work equipment and associated technical requirements Chapter 17, §17-2. This course fulfills the theoretical requirements for assembly, disassembly, modification and inspection of scaffolding with a platform height from 2-5 meters.


The regulations which came into effect on 1.1.2016, require that all who use, build, dismantle or control scaffolding  from  2 m (platform height) are required to have documented theoretical and practical training. This scaffolding course is a quality-assured 7.5-hour theory course in scaffolding. You can complete the course whenever and wherever you want, as long as there is internet access. During the course you must answer multiple choice questions and finally you must complete an exam. To pass the course you must pass the final exam.


The main topics of the course are:
Responsibility -  the various actors' responsibilities
Relevant laws
Scaffolding Theory
General safety measures when assembling the scaffolding
Installation of various types of scaffolding

First aid


Upon completion of the course, diplomas are issued. If you wish to receive a certificate, you must also document the following:

7.5 hours practical training.


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